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A far better experience for your audience. At a much lower cost.


A custom made chatbot provides many benefits 

Our chatbots improve communication with your organization: help your audience faster and boost customer satisfaction.


24/7 accessible

Your organization is open for business 24/7, whenever your audience is ready for it.


Channels that your audience uses

Communicate with your audience on their favorite channels or messaging apps. We can build chatbots for Messenger, Whatsapp, websites etc.


Fast reaction time

No more waiting times. No out-of-office replies. Quick and on-the-spot replies for your audience!


No need for calls

Your audience can get in contact with your organization, without making a phone call. So they can contact you whether it's from the couch, a silent library or a busy commute.


Where your visitors are

What is the use of a chatbot if it's not there where your visitors are? Connect your chatbot to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger. With the help of your own OmniChannel INBOX you always have an overview in all current en resolved conversations. You can easily add conversations from multiple social platforms. All your contacts and conversations in one place.

Connected to your IT-context

Not a single software applications operates in a vacuum. By connecting to existing software systems you drastically improve the ROI of your IT infrastructure. You can for example connect a support bot to a ticketing system or a recruitment bot to an Application Tracking System (ATS).



Your own custom made chatbot in 6 steps

Your chatbot needs to fit your organization perfectly. Our experts will guide you carefully through these steps:


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Our promises

We are certain your organization will profit from a custom made chatbot from OOXOO. And you will only get more enthousiastic. That's why we're willing to go far, further than the test, to gain your confidence. We will make you three hard promisses.
1/ U are ahead in the technical department, and you will stay there
OOXOO constantly renews the used techniques so that you will always profit from the latest techniques en possibilities that there are worldwide.
2/ Our products, work ethic and involvement will inspire you
We will make the coorporation, development and implementation of your own chatbot to feel like a party. We don't have a 9 to 5 mentality and are willing to work weekends to finish our work. We will take away technical obstructions, everything to gain your success!
3/ En last but not least… u don't have any financial risk
If you are not convinced of the value of your chatbot, our team or our technique after three months, we will pay you back everything you paid.
No questions asked.

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