About us

OOXOO is a team of experts, creating chatbots. Our chatbots revolutionize the communication between organizations and their customers. They increase revenue and lower costs at the same time.
To maximize these benefits, we do not only build chatbots but also keep monitoring and improving them once they’re launched.

Our history in brief

OOXOO was founded in Breda (The Netherlands) in 2018 by two entrepreneurs. In recent years, they have been mainly working with the dizzying developments within artificial intelligence. 

Their great enthusiasm about the possibilities of chatbots has led to the start of OOXOO.  “Of course some remember the poor performance of chatbots in the past. But that has changed so much now! It is always a pleasure to see the amazement of customers when they experience how much is possible nowadays and what it actually delivers for them ”.

OOXOO was nominated for the Breda Start Up Award in 2020 and is a part of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition in the Netherlands.

Our core values

Easy to use

We love keeping things simple for our clients and their audience. Of course there is a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience within our team - but we'd hate to bother you with it ;)

Nowhere better

We drive ourselves to always perform on top of the game and deliver outstanding quality. After all, we are Conversational-AI-geeks for a reason!  


We unconditionally choose to have a sustainable relation with our clients. Long term success is our goal, for our clients as well as for OOXOO. When a chatbot is launched, we keep monitoring and improving, so that we really live up to the great promise of using our chatbots.

100% Mobile Friendly

Carefully built in its core, it looks great on any screen size, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
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