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COVID-19 Chatbot

During the COVID-19 breakout in the spring of 2020, OOXOO developed a free platform for the healthcare industry. Supported by an advanced chatbot. Through this platform, we were able to map the compentencies of over 2500 healthcare professionals on a large scale.  We've matched over 1000 of them to healthcare organizations based on their competences. we've developed this service even more so that it's available for individual healthcare organizations.

Healthcare professionals and -organizations could chat with Vive. Our chatbot and virtual contact for this project. Vive would ask exactly those questions that were needed to map the full potential. She learned from every conversation and became better every day at matching supply and demand. 

This video gives a clear image of the project. Note: the language spoken is Dutch.

Improved communication with members 

To improve the communication between KNOV and her members, OOXOO developed a chatbot that offers support for questions 24/7. Midwifes often work outside normale office hours and in weekends, so the chatbot offers an extra service for the members of KNOV.

Another feature is that employees of KNOV can take over the conversation at any given time so proceed to a live chat.

This video below gives a clear view of the project. Note: the language spoken is Dutch.

Help with attracting new personnel 

To make your organization as attractive as possible for potential employees or talent, a lot of organizations invest in so called 'working at' pages. These pages give the reader a clear view of the organization, but they often lack a form of dialogue with the visitor. 

OOXOO developed a chatbot that answers all the questions that potential employees may have, without them having to search the whole website. This way, the visitor will have answers to all their additional questions, 24/7 and without any trouble. 

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